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The "Soul Fresh" 3D Animation Trailer

The Soul Fresh 3D Animation Cartoon!!!

"Swish of the Blades" Movie Trailer

Swish of the Blades is a Alford World Universe Story that takes places in the Age of Swords and Shields. In a time of chaos and wars across the land, every story needs a hero..... Enter the Taimaxxx !!!!! 

Featured Products

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About Us


About Our Company

Welcome to "Alford World " Graphic Entertainment !!! "Alford World" is a New Home-Based Graphic/Comic Book Company. "Alford World" mission is to bring the world of Graphic Arts & Business Advertisement to a New Digital Level !!! A different Vision of Storytelling within the pages of our comic book . From Animation to Merchandizing, You are welcome to enjoy the experience to the next Digital Media Frontier called... " Alford World" Graphic Entertainment !!!!


Wide-Ranging Selection

In the coming months, there will be more Titles to come. From children to teenagers and adults genre. From Action Adventures to SCI-FI. More Fun filled categories to choose from as we build the Universe called... "Alford World" Graphic Entertainment !!!!  


About the Author

Mr. Tracy Deleon Alford is the CEO/ Graphic Artist of "Alford World" Graphic Entertainment. Mr. Alford has been drawing & designing Graphics Arts since 1986. From the Creations of Customize T-Shirts, Posters,  Mugs and Portraits. Comic Book Storytelling will be the Canvas, from which the "Power of Imagination" will develop Our Brand to Dominate the untapped niche Market Place. Along with Computer 2D Animation & 3D Animation Creations, "Alford World" will be a Force on the Horizon!!! 

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